Architect Lord Richard Rogers on his Creative Process

Creative Mapping met with legendary British Architect Lord Richard Rogers in his London home for the second half of our interview series.  In Part 1, Rogers discusses his architecture firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, his philanthropic work, sustainability and the philosophy and spiritually of the architecture. The award winning architect (Royal Gold Medal for Architecture, the Pritzker Prize, the Thomas Jefferson Medal, and the Stirling Prize) is best known for his epic creations such as the Centre Pompidou museum in Paris, the Millenium Dome, Maggie’s Centre, Lloyd buildings, the Madrid-Barajas Airport, the Senedd, and Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

“Architecture is a merger of science and art. I am also a great believer in team work. I really don’t believe that it is possible for an architect to do something on his or her own. We work together, we communicate” Lord Richard Rogers

In the second half of our interview series, Rogers brings us deeper inside his Creative DNA. He reveals his creative processes, the importance of collaborating, how architecture is about problem solving, and what’s really behind is notorious feud with Prince Charles. Rogers is more than a creative entrepreneur with an impressive list of architectural landmarks to his name, but he is also a giving person with a strong code for social responsibility.  He has achieved the remarkable by again and again creating architectural constructions that are more than just buildings, but cultural landmarks that have helped define cities in both their visual aesthetics and characters. Richard Rogers is considered one of the greatest architects since Sir Christopher Wren; he is a living legend that is continuously pushing our skylines into an ever modern, ethical and visually breathtaking aesthetic.

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