Trans-It-I-On Paris

What is gender?

What is transgenderism?

You are invited to experience Trans-It-I-On in its first instalment in Paris… taking place from Friday November 25, 2016 through Friday December 2, 2016.

The premier of this multi-media photographic series will pose the question “What is gender?” with its subsequent instalments in London and New York delving deeper into questions of transgender identities, transsexuality, transgenderism in society, with a celebration of diversity within ourselves in our humanity as a whole.

Experience over 30 photographs of men and women offering us a deeply intimate look into their paths of transition, one often wrought with pain and difficulty before rebirth, shedding light on the duality of the feminine and masculine beauty in each of the protagonists.

Trans-It-I-On is conceived, executed and curated by photographer Misia-O’ who aims to promote acceptance and celebrate diversity within each and every one of us.

Experience this series–this movement–and see beyond the veil of gender, question the paradigms that have been engrained in us by society, question gender, femininity, masculinity, what is diversity… what is humanity…
Galerie 18, Atelier des Abbesses

8 Passage des Abbesses 75018 Paris

November 25, 2016–December 2, 2016
Monday – Friday | 10:00–18:00