Rosalind Steven, Film Producer, ‘Separate we come, Separate we go’, Bonnie Wright Director, UK

Gone are the days when film producers were portly, cigar-smoking middle aged men with one eye on the big budget and the other on a blonde starlet…. well, not entirely gone, but Rosalind Steven is part of a new breed of film producer –  young, highly intelligent and innovative about ways to raise finance and get a film into production.
Rosalind’s been working very closely with Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright on Bonnie’s acclaimed directorial debut ‘Separate We Come, Separate We Go’ – which starred award-winning actor David Thewlis.
Creative Mapping caught up with Rosalind in Cannes recently, where she talked about what her job involves, the challenges faced along the way in the making of this film, and how the producer and director collaborate:


Rosalind Steven, Producer – Separate We Come, Separate We Go

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