Rives de la Beauté

While Paris might seem to dominate September with all things design and fashion… there is another layer of creativity happening below the surface… Rives de la Beauté, Paris’s unofficially beauty week; a celebration of a contemporary vision of responsible beauty. Both rives of Paris–Gauche and Droite–come together in a city-wide labyrinth of installations, presentations and special surprises in boutiques and venues throughout the city.

From an interdisciplinary look at the nature of beauty’s manifestations in perfume, fashion, photography, literature, art and design, to showcasing expertise and knowledge across the fields of beauty on all levels–perfumers, colourists, photographers, designers, make up artists, scientists and more…

The result? A feast of beauty throughout the streets of Paris giving way to an exploration and dialogue on our changing environment.
“Sometimes it’s in the nostalgia of bygone days, of a more peaceful time or an
idealized place that one can perceive the present more clearly and that the light for a better future appears.”
Follow along as we head into Paris’s most creative month…
September 3 – September 10, 2016
Photo © Rives de la Beauté
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