Platonium At Lyon Fêtes des Lumières

Every year in December, Lyon turns into a technicolor dreamland of painted lights and glowing installation art attracting millions of visitors for la Fête des Lumières (the Festival of Lights). By night, the city is illuminated by the work of light artists from around the world, serving as an open-air light laboratory with a platform for emerging and up and coming artists.

Among the light weavers and sculptors at this iconic Lyonnais festival are light artists Eric Michel and Akari-Lisa Ishii in collaboration with CNRS to produce Platonium, an art meets science installation the heart of the City Hall. The immersive, exhibition-installation leads you to a dark atrium filled with mysterious images that give way to a large courtyard where a monumental light artwork interplays with the building facades and fountain to create a connection between the infinitely small and large.

Platonium selected as one of the 8 finalists of the Recyclum Light Trophy.

Experience Platonium
December 8-10 2016
Lyon, City Hall
Photo © Platonium, Eric Michel and Akari-Lisa Ishii in collaboration with CNRS
All Rights Reserved © Creative Mapping